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It reacts quicker than the Simple Moving Average to price changes. As we argued in the EMA video, it is faster than a normal SMA. The DEMA increases to a greater extent the speed of the EMA. So, if you would like to use a very fast moving average, the DEMA can be a good option.

Get started with automation easily by using our preselected, free signal providers. Click ‘Learn more’ to get more information about each signal provider’s historical performance. To set up a connection between TokenTact and your exchange you will need to enter your API keys.

TokenTact fixes this problem by aggregating different platforms into its system to optimize your trading experience. Review the settings, turn it on or off, and enable buying and selling. Sold positions will be automatically converted into your selected quote currency. If you’re new to trading, we recommend using a stablecoin such as USDT or EUR. Keep up-to-date with the latest trading trends and expert insights on the world of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain technology.

  • My Account page on their website however suggests otherwise- it has not even one, but 2 identical subscriptions which marked as “Autorenewal is on.” So the issue is still not resolved.
  • Similar to TokenTact, CryptoTrader.Tax integrates with leading cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.
  • The social trading platform on TokenTact is a popular place and has plenty of positive review, this is a great place to consider for anyone interested in social trading.

As you’ll learn in the following sections, TokenTact is actually no more than a tool for traders. While it will continue to perform on its own until turned off, its results are only as good as its programming. Sell your strategies on the marketplace, or use it to feed your own powerful A.I. It’s easy – just add indicators and build your own strategies. Choose from more than 130 indicators and candlestick patterns.

One of the biggest concern that surrounds automated trading platforms is how well they keep client funds safe. While both TokenTact and TokenTact use industry-standard safety protocols, whenever you generate an API key for your account, you are putting funds at risk of theft. It is fair to say that both TokenTact and TokenTact are great in their own regard.

Therefore, as long as the dots are below the price, it will give buy signals, and as long as the dots are above the price, it will give sell signals. These are sticking signals, so it will continue to send buy/sell signals as long as the conditions are met. The classic way of trading with the MFI is to buy when the MFI is oversold and to sell when it is overbought. You can set the MFI to send a buy/sell signal when the indicator is below or above, or even equal to, a certain value. This means that you can even inverse the signals and buy at overbought and sell at oversold, which makes the MFI work like a trend following indicator.

A trader can obtain buy and sell signals when the momentum changes its sign. The Hull moving average, as other similar indicators, generate signals by crossovers between a fast and slow moving average. Like the SMA, traders use this indicator to spot trends and trend reversals. The Aroon Oscillator works essentially the same as the regular Aroon and provides the same buy/sell signals (if you give them the same periods). Therefore, the only difference between the two indicators is visual.

In a sideways market, you want to execute your buy and sell orders at the same time. When the markets go up, you first want to place buy orders and sell later. How to assign subscriptions, create a bot, show all your bots, and set up bot templates and triggers. Most of our members work an average of 20 minutes a day, or less. Because the Crypto Hopper software handles the analysis as well as the trading, the amount of ‘work’ required is minimal. With Crypto Hopper, you can then use your spare time to do the things you really love to do, while the software trades for you.


The end result is financial freedom, allowing everyday people to finally live the lives they have always dreamed of. With the automated crypto trading bot of TokenTact you can earn money on your favorite exchange automatically. Auto buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. TokenTact is nice for people that want to have access to a fully-automatic trading platform, which will trade along parameters that are created by the client. Both offer marketplaces where you can purchase pre-built bots or trading signals and both work with a variety of the most popular crypto exchanges. The platform already benefits from more than 100 spot trading pairs with many more to come.

Our platform offers several options for copying traders, such as using our Copy-bot, signalers, templates, and strategies. You can buy or download different services to automate your trading. When you’re a beginner you find Signals, Templates, and Strategies. When you’re an experienced trader you can sell your knowledge.

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