100 Fun Ice Breakers & Games for Virtual Meetings

Keep Up The Balloons is a hilarious icebreaker that’s perfect for small to medium-sized groups. Boost employee public speaking https://remotemode.net/ skills with this classic communication game. This game is a great way to get team members to laugh and have fun.

And if you want better meetings, you MUST send this article to your meeting planner. I’m going to convince you to upgrade the age-old icebreaker. Consider the diverse nature of your employees and ensure that the icebreaker is inclusive. Be mindful of time zones, language barriers, and accessibility requirements. These types of activities will encourage employees to prepare themselves for any public speaking events. It also helps in boosting individual self-confidence during any kind of communication.

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For the best results, consider working with employee engagement survey providers. Sometimes, with the meeting starting in a few minutes, everyone might be preoccupied with their work or chatting. Add it to the beginning of your team meetings and establish a constructive and empathetic work atmosphere.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

Follow the Follower is a game that can be played virtually just as well as it can by people in the same location. Using the chat in zoom, participants share ideas / challenges and then additions / solutions. This is a great alternative to the ‘turn to your neighbor’ kind of exercise – it’s interactive, and allows for more in-depth discussion between people. Introverts will appreciate this, as it feels more comfortable to share something in a pair, compared to the whole team.

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A photo stream is a great way to use that experience to form deeper connections. With a recipe exchange, you employees can connect as they try new dishes. As the week goes on, ask your employees to share songs, dances, videos, and more that are authentic to their culture.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

The key element to better teamwork, whether in person or remote, is connection. The more connected your teammates, coworkers, or employees feel, the more effective and productive the group becomes. Each participant must come up with two statements that are true and one statement that is a (convincing) lie.

engaging ice breakers for virtual meetings (that won’t bore your team!)

I guarantee people will finish this activity with a new connection or sense of understanding. You never know who else is from your same part of the country, state, or even your same hometown. As the game’s facilitator, challenge icebreakers for virtual meetings someone to describe their favorite movie without using the title. This is a great icebreaker for sharpening your team’s communication skills. The beauty of these icebreaker games is that you don’t need to be physically together.

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